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Duka is a sparkling coffee drink born in Florence and takes its name from Alessandro il Moro,  Duke of Florence in XVI century.

Archetypes are a schematic simplification to identify the prevailing personality of a brand.

Main Personality


The Creator archetype represents the idea of introducing something new, challenging the status quo, and bringing innovation to an established sector. It is not concerned with fitting in but with expressing one’s authentic self and vision.

Coffee Brown

HEX #59180A
RGB 89, 24, 10
CMYK 38, 92, 89, 61

Lime Green

HEX #A7F205
RGB 167, 242, 5
CMYK 43, 0, 99, 0

Florence Purple

HEX #5A358C
RGB 90, 53, 140
CMYK 36, 9, 0, 0

Icy Blue

HEX #526AF2
RGB 82, 106, 242
CMYK 78, 62, 0, 0






Duka - il Moro di Firenze

Un modo unico, salutare e sostenibile di gustare il caffè

100% Made in Florence, Bevanda al caffè può essere consumata in modi diversi: puoi berla come bibita rinfrescante oppure gustarla in compagnia in mixology nei cocktail e mocktail.

100% Made in Florence